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Eating well & going home - two polar opposite ideas

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’m going home to FL tomorrow to do wedding stuff, try on my wedding dress AND go to Universal Studios.

Usually, my trips home mean “eat all the things” - and I do mean ALL. Because I don’t get my hometown favorites more than 4x a year, I have a tendency to gorge on everything while i have the opportunity.

And in my mind, this trip will be no different.

HOWEVER - I want to be able to come back from this weekend without having gained 15lbs (or any pounds, that would be nice), so I’m stuck about what to do.

I know it’ll be a crazy quick trip, with vendor meetings and everything, but I’m still going to bring my workout stuff. There is a really great running trail near my mom’s house that I’m hoping to become reacquainted with.

But here’s where you guys come in… 

How do I ensure that my trip home will be a healthy success without completely depriving myself? Is it possible?

  1. maryfreakingsunshine answered: Keep your goal in mind. Have bites of your friends food, but keep yours clean. Or compromise. Get that burger but protein style with salad.
  2. runfrostyrun answered: I say don’t do it. Packed lunches and clean groceries. You’ll have plenty of time post-wedding to indulge once again! You’re doing SO great!!
  3. beneathyourskin said: Small portions (split an old favorite with someone) and don’t add food/places to the day’s menu ‘just because’.. no 9pm 4th meal just because you passed an old favorite joint.
  4. tryintogetskinnytheriteway said: overinduldge** Try to keep it clean the rest of the time! (I went over the answer limit :) )
  5. tryintogetskinnytheriteway answered: Of course its possible! Enjoy you local favorites, but don’t go to crazy. Allow yourself to eat it once or twice, but don’t over endulge.
  6. l-8-10 said: Cont. - Make a list of the things you want to indulge in while home. Then, allow yourself to eat those things ONCE. The rest of the time, stick to healthy eating.
  7. lizshealthylife answered: ME TOO! only eat the things you REALLY want and split with someone else when you can! even a quick workout is better than nothing!
  8. l-8-10 answered: I know this feel, bro. I get to go home once a year. I feel the need to eat everything… I think you just need to plan for the indulgences.
  9. vigorandcupcakes said: Pack snacks, healthy options, or eat your treats and schedule in gym time? I’m all for vacation foods but you should try to balance it out if you can.
  10. squats2summer answered: have small portions of the things you want to eat and just drink loads of water and remember to exercise! it’s only one trip home!
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