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A+ Hocus Pocus artwork 


A+ Hocus Pocus artwork 

So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More Compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide
Meredith Grey  (via tea-storm)

This weekend in pictures.

I got on a flight out of DC around 7, stayed trying to get to Jax until 12am. My friend (aka angel) picked me up, let me stay at her house, snuggle her baby, and took me back to the airport at 6am. Then the adventure to get to Jax continued again - finally getting home around 1pm. Then I had lunch with my sister, got our Disney tickets (!!), saw gas for $2.96 (!!!!), and then got ready to see GARTH BROOKS.

Most delicious pizza for dinner was had. The BEST CONCERT EVER was had. Good talks with my best friend were had.

And then I found out I can’t get home to DC today. So, due to great bosses, great family, a GREAT spouse and Prozac, I am now rebooked to get home tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been a hell of a ride, but holy shit has it been worth it.

Oh, and FSU WON! ❤️💛


bill clinton believes in aliens and he was the president of the united states so he knows something

Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters.
Ernest Hemingway  (via elige)
17 hours & counting spent flying and in airports…

Garth Brooks, you better make this the best show of your life.

This has been hell trying to get to you.


It’s not going to be my first marriage, it’s going to be my only marriage. So if we have a fight and you want to leave you better take your ass to the other room and calm ya self down because we’re gonna work this out

I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

I’m crying 😂😂😂😂