Kickin' ass, takin' names.

Extra sweaty workout today!

I did my 5k training, and did about 2.2 miles in 30 minutes. (Yay!!) then I did some sit-ups, so bicep curls and some planks.

Feeling much much better (even though I wanted to puke during this workout).

Thursday updates:

- I’m getting sick. Wahoo! This sucks!
- My body decided it was time to allow me to go to the bathroom today. I’ve been here…4 days. Life was getting uncomfortable.
- I just took a glorious hour and a half snooze on the couch in my room. Because naps are better on the couch.
- I’m about to (as soon as I find the motivation) get up and change and go down to our gym.
- I have running on the training plan today, so here’s to trying to meet my Monday milestone!
- I’m going paleo on Monday. Oh. Boy.
- I bought “An Abundance of Katherines” (John Green book número 3 for me) last night.
- I am almost done with it.
- that’ll be my 3rd book complete THIS MONTH. Oh man!
- ok, gym time. Catch ya on the flip side!

So I was deadset on going to get food at a chain restaurant that I have a home because it sounded SO GOOD.

And then I drove out to an outlet mall (shopping, check) after I napped (30 min, check). And I found a Target where I bought a new book (I finished “Looking for Alaska” and it was beautiful and everything hurt).

And then I stopped into a BBQ place called Bandana’s.

And y’all.

This shit was SO good.

I ventured out and got a hotdog covered in mustard, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, and coleslaw. This isn’t like me. Usually I’m a “pulled pork or turkey please” girl.

But this? This was incredible.

And I don’t feel bad about it (I have eaten very well today). And I’m going to be going on a strict diet when I get back. You know, to get my body back under control. Haha.

Adult life also means getting to choose the ratio of raisins to celery in my deconstructed ants on a log.

This just in: more ants, less log.

Adult life also means getting to choose the ratio of raisins to celery in my deconstructed ants on a log.

This just in: more ants, less log.

Being an adult means making tough choices.

You know, like…

Do I want to nap or go shopping?

When in Rome…

(…Eat IMO’S pizza)

When in Rome…

(…Eat IMO’S pizza)

Let’s have a serious chat about today’s anon.

That anon this morning really made me mad. And then it hurt. And then, mad again.

I posted my response after thinking about what I’d say, not wanting pity from saying that it hurt my feelings. I also happened to be posting at ~6am.

To the person I annoyed/pissed off with my “releasing the hounds” comment, I’m sorry. But please put yourself in my shoes for a tiny second.

I don’t think I’m some tumblr god, or even a moderately successful health and fitness blogger. Running a mile without stopping was a BIG DEAL to me.

And I wanted to come to a place where I could share that with people who knew what that success feels like. Yes, I was met with a ton of “way to go’s!,” but that comment seemed like it shot every single one of them down.

It sucked, it made me mad, and sad, and I acted in the moment.

I can’t turn off anon comments right now bc I’m without a computer. But as soon as I get home, I will be.

They do much much more harm than good, and I’m tired of having to justify the things I say on the place that should be my safe haven.

So again, sorry if it was you that I upset by my comment. But also, it’s my blog. Unfollow me if you want or need. That’s cool.

13:20 min mile... Running the whole thing? That's going at like 4.5mph... Which is like a brisk walk. Nice try.

According to the dictionary, “try” means “to make an attempt at something.”

In this example, I didn’t TRY, I actually succeeded.

Did I say I sprinted the whole thing? Nope. Hell, I didn’t even say I went as fast as I probably could. I simply said that I ran.

Maybe you’ve never been out of shape, or overweight. Maybe you’ve been a privileged little cunt of a grey face your whole life. Maybe both!

Because fuck you for trying to make me feel inadequate when I’m busting my ass to make myself better.

Go ahead and give it a “nice try” and get the fuck off my blog.







Ants on a log.

Making this 26 year old’s dreams come true.

I bought celery, natural pb with honey and raisins. And I am so excited.

You guys. If you haven’t had this recently, go make some. NOW.